Mission of PALS Enrichment Classes:

PALS is a secular, parent-run homeschool group for families with children in preschool through high school.  We are a diverse community that offers support and friendship, and draws on the strengths of participating parents and families.  We welcome families with all learning styles, including cyber, traditional homeschoolers, unschoolers, or eclectic.

As a community, PALS relies on parental participation to maintain the quality of our programs.  Parents teach, run clubs, plan events, and assist with other functional and administrative needs.

Enrichment classes are held on ten Wednesdays each term from 10:00 a.m. to 2:40 p.m. at Mifflin Avenue United Methodist Church in the Regent Square neighborhood of Pittsburgh (click here for detailed directions).  We have the use of multiple classrooms, clubroom/parent lounge and gymnasium/lunchroom. There is also a room available for young toddlers/infants who are accompanied by their parents or other adults.

For information on classes and registration, please see the menu items under the menu heading Enrichment Classes.  Even after the term has started, many clubs and some classes may be open to new students.  If you are new to us or to homeschooling and wish to see whether your child(ren) may join a class which is in progress, please contact Merry Demko, Board President at merrydPALS@gmail.com.


Since PALS is an all-volunteer organization, please remember that under the recently passed law,  all adults who will be attending PALS need to have obtained state-required clearances (as described on the CLEARANCES page) before they will be permitted to register for classes and before they or their children will be permitted to attend PALS classes.