Registration Instructions – NEW!

We are in the process of moving to a new website.  For now, most information will be found here on the old website, but as you will see below, the actual registration links will take you to the functional parts of the new website.

To register, please follow the instructions below


Your Family Registration (see section 2 below) will not be approved until we have received and logged your clearances.  Clearances are good for 5 years from the date they obtained.  If you are not sure if PALS has a copy of your clearances or if your clearances are current, please contact

(2) Complete Family Registration. 

 FAMILY REGISTRATION MUST BE COMPLETED AT LEAST 72 HOURS BEFORE YOU PLAN TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES, to allow information to be received and manually approved.  

Each family must complete this form each term.  Family registration includes choosing whether pay the PALS Community Share Fee on a per family or per class basis, (b) providing contact and other information, and (c) agreeing to the PALS Enrichment terms and conditions.

Because of the way the new website works, if you will be paying the membership fee per class ($40 per class hour) rather than $120 per family, your invoice will need to be adjusted manually. For this reason, your invoice may at first indicate $120 for the membership fee – rest assured that we will fix it before you need to pay!

(3)  Register for each class using the Class Grid

From the class schedule grid, click on the name of the class for which you wish to register. The names of your children will show up on the right side. Click the name for who you would like to register and then click the register button just above the names.

NOTE:  New registrations after the second week of classes require permission.  Please contact Registrar at

(4)  Sign up for Family Jobs using the Family Job Grid (below the Class Grid) or by volunteering as a classroom assistant 

To register as a classroom assistant, click on the class name as if registering your child . To register for another job, click on the job title in the Family Job Grid.

(5) Payment is due on or before the first day of classes.

about your registration or if you need to change or correct your class or family registration:

about joining Pals Enrichment after the second week of classes: please contact our Board President Merry Demko at