Community Share Fee

All PALS Parents must pay a Community Share Fee each term in addition to the listed price for each class.   The Community Share Fee covers operating costs such as rent, insurance, and other overhead, which we believe is most fairly divided on a per family, rather than per child, basis.

The Community Share Fee may be paid on a per family basis of $120 per family per term or on a per class basis by paying an additional $40 over the listed class cost for each class.  The latter is encouraged for a family with only one child who is taking only 1 or 2 classes.

In addition, families receiving SNAP or cash assistance are eligible for a 50% reduction of the Community Share Fee for a total of $60 per family.  Please bring with you to the first day of classes a copy (for our records) of a printout of your DHS case or a letter from your caseworker indicating you currently qualify for either of these benefits on the basis of income.