Refunds; Withdrawal; Pro-rating


REFUNDS.  You may cancel a class registration and receive a full refund only until the end of the regular registration period, at which time teachers may be engaged and/or materials fees spent in reliance on your registration. For this reason, refunds after the end of the regular registration period will be at the discretion of the board.  Students transferring from one class to another after the end of regular registration period may be required to pay materials fees for both classes.  (The registration dates for each term are shown under Menu Item Calendar, but in general regular registration will end around 2 to 3 weeks before classes start.)

WITHDRAWAL and NO SHOWS.  If you have registered but not yet paid,  and change your mind about attending PALS, please notify the registrar as soon as possible so that we may release those seats to other families.  If you are registered and have not yet paid, and you fail to notify the Registrar directly before the end of the regular registration period of your intention to not attend PALS, then prior to registering the next term, you will need to pay the non-refundable Community Share Fee via PayPal before your registration will be complete.

PRO-RATING.  Families joining PALS during weeks 2 through 5 pay full price. Families joining PALS during weeks 6 through 10 may pay a pro-rated Community Share Fee of 1/2 normal price.   Whether or not a  class fee may be pro-rated will vary by class, depending in part on the way in which materials are purchased and used for that particular class. You may also be asked to source your own materials/textbook, etc., instead of paying some or all of the class fee.

NOTE: Ability to join a class during week 3 or later is at the discretion of the teacher and will depend on the nature of the class. Clubs may be joined at any time.